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Freezing embryos for the future of your family

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A New Way To Start A Family

Embryo storage is one of the options offered in Vitro Fertilization. It is done when a woman decides that to undergo the treatment multiple times. Aside from that, it also gives you time to ready yourself to start a family. The eggs will be safe inside the laboratory and by the time that you are ready, they are in utmost health and viable.

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Understanding the Advantages of Embryo Storage for Women

IVF refers to the treatment in which the female’s eggs and the male’s sperm are fertilized inside the laboratory. This treatment is most common to couples who have difficulty conceiving a baby and are dealing with various fertility problems. When the eggs have grown inside the incubator, they will be transferred inside the uterus of the mother for pregnancy. Since fresh embryos are transferred, the other embryos are now frozen for future use because IVF cycles can be repeated multiple times. Here are the following benefits of embryo storage every woman who is planning to undergo IVF should know about.

1. There is no need for ovarian stimulation or egg retrieval
Considering the fact that you have already done that in your previous fresh cycle, there’s no need to stimulate your ovary or retrieve eggs from your body. All you need to do is to use both progesterone and estrogen in thickening the lining of your uterus. In that way, you can prepare for the embryo transferring and your body can handle the pregnancy.

2. Its not costly compared to ovarian stimulation treatments
Furthermore, storing your embryo can save you a lot of money in the long run. Instead of going through the entire process again, all you need to do is to prepare your body for pregnancy. You don’t have to pay for ovarian stimulation again. It’s a practical choice especially if you are planning to have more than one child in IVF treatment.

3. Few side effects to deal with
Every treatment has its own side effects, and so does In Vitro Fertilization treatment. However, you can rest assured that since you don’t need to go under ovarian stimulation anymore, the side effects that you are going to deal with is lesser. It’s not demanding to your body anymore and it’s more comfortable the second time around.

4. Lesser stress to worry about
Even though In Vitro Fertilization is the key to a couple’s dream to parenthood, rest assured that you have lesser stress to deal with because you’re not going throughout the fresh cycle again. You can talk to your medical consultant, schedule a few months ahead of time, and prepare your body for the transfer of the fertilized embryo.

5. The success rate does not falter
Do not worry because the success rate of your IVF does not falter just because you’re going to use the embryo you had during your first treatment. The embryo is frozen. Hence, it does not age anymore. You are still allowed to choose a healthier embryo with no abnormal chromosome to ensure the health of your child. In fact, recent reports revealed that FETs have higher success rate compared to fresh embryos, especially for women who are 35 years old and older.

6. The eggs are most viable and healthy
Freezing your eggs with cryopreservation can do wonders because by the time you are ready to start a family with your partner, the eggs are in utmost health and most viable that time. In that way, you increase your chances of getting pregnant through the In Vitro Fertilization treatment. The clinic also evaluates if the eggs are ready for fertilization and pregnancy. Once it’s fertilized, they will examine it again to ensure that the fertilized egg they are going to transfer into your uterus is healthy.

Freezing your embryo banking is a wise choice. It offers a lot of benefits that can help you in starting a family. Aside from that, it gives you time to prepare yourself for pregnancy and having a family because we all knew that in a woman’s life, it can be the hardest challenge you’ll ever face.

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