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Sep 25, 2014

Would You Like a Side of Hate With That Sandwich?

I am pissed. Wait, I take it back. I'm furious. Today, a hate group came to my community, and what's worse, nobody cares.

Westborough, Massachusetts is my favorite town. I used to live there. I hope to live there again one day. It's the kind of town where strangers passing you on the street will stop to say "Good morning," but it's not so small that they don't have room for a Target, three grocery stores, and more Italian restaurants than you can shake a stick at.

The schools are rated a nine out of ten on They teach Mandarin Chinese in the high school, and they're hoping to offer it in middle school soon. Westborough is an awesome town... Whose town council apparently didn't get the memo two years ago that Chick Fil A is a hate group.

Sep 15, 2014

Three Short Stories About Portable Chargers (and a GIVEAWAY so you can have one, too!)

So you have a home charger for all your devices. And a car charger for your phone. And you think that's enough.


Here's a story: When I went to Blog U this past June, I bought a portable charger to bring with me. I wasn't sure how much access I'd have to outlets during the day, and I knew I'd be using my phone a lot. I did end up using the charger, and loaning it to others.

Okay, that was a boring story; sorry. Here's another: A couple of weeks after Blog U, I woke up one morning to discover that the power was out. Not only that, but it had apparently gone out a long time ago, and my phone was almost dead. So was my husband's. So how was I to call National Grid and find out what the problem was? Aha! I had that portable charger in my purse. Zap, I charged my phone, and my husband's. Problem solved. I even got to mess around on Facebook while I waited for the power to come back on.

Sep 11, 2014

How To Pack Your Kid’s Lunch In 30 Seconds Or Less

Today is the tenth day of kindergarten, and I'm finally getting used to the new routine. Well, as much as I can, when we haven't had one normal week yet-- the first week was two days, the second was four, and today is a half day. But get this: I still had to pack a lunch. Isn't that weird? Lunch on a half day?

I'm proud to report that I'm still packing fancy lunches with sandwiches cut into fun shapes (today is a stegosaurus and a heart) and way too many snacks. Even that day when I fell back to sleep on the couch, and my husband woke me up 15 minutes before we had to leave. Luckily, I do most of my lunch packing the night before!

But for those of you who are not nailing the lunch thing, or who maybe have an off day, I'm here to help! Check out this handy guide I wrote for you on Nickmom:

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Sep 5, 2014

I Almost Got Stranded on a Desert Isle Last Weekend

Yes, yes, I'm telling you about last weekend on Friday. Give me a break. I'm a brand-new kindergarten mom, and I'm a maid of honor in a month, and I've been very, very busy watching TV lately. The point is, I'm here now.

Aug 29, 2014

Thoughts on My Son's First Day of Kindergarten

Well, I made it. I sent my baby into the world on his own for six hours, which is a completely normal thing that every (non-homeschooling) parent does, but to me, it seemed insane.

How is this kid, who still needs to be reminded to use the bathroom and drink water and not fling himself into the furniture, old enough to be in a classroom with 22 other kids, with only two adults to look after them? This kid who only just graduated from a convertible seat to a booster? Who started the year still sitting in the shopping cart? How is he big enough for school??

But he is. The calendar says it, the state says it, and honestly, I don't think I could handle another year of All Mom All the Time.

I love him, but most days I am very happy to see the clock turn to 8pm. You know what I mean.

But still.

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