Google Something Clever 2.0: Vacation, Day 2, Part 2

Jul 9, 2012

Vacation, Day 2, Part 2

After we couldn't stand the Thomas thing anymore, we walked back to the main drag to shop. I love tourist stores. You know how every vacation spot has that one hippie store, and/or witch store? This two-block strip had at least ten! It felt more like Oregon than New Hampshire, although I guess the two are similar. At The Naked Bohemian, I got a dragonfly sun dial. I've been wanting a sun dial really bad for a week or so, and this one was perfect!

I can't wait to install it.

The boy only wanted a couple small toys, under ten bucks total, so that was awesome. Then we ate lunch in what pretended to be a restaurant, but I suspect it was actually some hippie's house. I mean that as a compliment. The Stairway Cafe is absolutely bananas, and the food is awesome. I had the Cali Burger.

I saw this, and still took my son to lunch there.

The "napkins" are dish towels, and no two tables are alike.

We went back to the hotel and the boy napped for an hour. Then we were off to Pirate's Cove mini-golf. My son is three and a half, so he's not the best golfer ever. He's only been once before, just this past Fathers' Day. We pulled up and he asked, "Why did you bring me here? I'm bad at golf." Hilarious, but sad. Aren't you supposed to think you're awesome at everything until you're at least seven or so?

At the shack where you pay, they had a board that displayed the best and worst scores of the day. Someone named Ryan was the worst so far, with 67 strokes. We knew he could beat that. So we played, and would you believe this kid got a hole in one twice? However, he now holds the Pirate's Cove high score, with 96 strokes in total. I swear, though, for the first five holes, the three of us were all tied up. He just can't focus for 18 holes.

We saw a barbecue place up the street and tried to go to dinner there, but there was a forty minute wait, and it was already only an hour before bedtime. The hostess was very thoughtful, and recommended two other restaurants to us. We followed her directions and ended up at the restaurant where my friends had their wedding rehearsal dinner last September! Small world. The most exciting part about ending up at Tuckerman's, though, was that I remembered when we arrived last year, some patrons eating on the patio told us we had just missed seeing a mother bear and two cubs. I've been clamoring for bears this whole trip, so I really got my hopes up when I realized that we were at a confirmed bear hangout.

I had a lovely barbecue Greek pizza. Our waitress was very friendly. After seating a boisterous party of twelve next to us, she offered to move us if they were too loud for our taste. We declined. I'm so glad we did, because that led to the highlight of the evening: the boy put down his food, turned to them and shouted, "Hey!" The last four or so people on the end heard him, and then he began to sing "Thriller" and do the dance moves in his seat. They laughed their asses off. One guy sang along with him. I had to stop him so he could finish eating, though. When we were done, it was already well past bedtime, but I allowed him to do the full choreography, at the request of his audience. I bet they will tell that story all the time. It's nice that he brought a little ridiculousness their night.

On the way to the car, we saw proof that we had once again just missed the bears.

Does a bear shit in the woods? Not this one.

Back at the hotel, we watched some stand-up comedy and a couple episodes of one of those pawn shop shows, which was awful. I miss my DVR so much! Looking forward to our reunion tomorrow.