Google Something Clever 2.0: Halloween Costume Bingo

Oct 26, 2012

Halloween Costume Bingo

Are you going to a Halloween party this weekend? Maybe a bar? I am. And we are all going to see the same costumes, no matter where we go. If you're pregnant and/or the designated driver, this is bound to be boring for you. So why not play game to keep yourself entertained? I present to you:

Print out this handy bingo card, and you will have a blast looking at the same tired old costumes. You probably won't have easy access to a bingo dauber, so feel free to mark your squares by poking a hole in them or smudging them with spit.

If you play along, be sure to take pictures and send them to me at!

*In case you're a rookie, allow me to explain a few of these. 
Slutty Thing That Should Never Be Slutty: look here or here.
Slut of Unknown Origin: you can't tell what she's supposed to be, but it's definitely something slutty.
Unplanned Twinsies: two people who inadvertently wore the same (lame) costume.
Play on Words: examples I've seen would be a guy with stuffed cats safety pinned all over him (pussy magnet) or a guy wearing a box covered in wrapping paper with a tag that says "from God" (God's gift to women).
Rubber Man: from "American Horror Story". You really should be watching it.