Google Something Clever 2.0: Secret Subject Swap: Lost Loves

Feb 1, 2013

Secret Subject Swap: Lost Loves

It's time for the February Secret Subject Swap! This crazy blog venture was created by Karen of Baking in a Tornado. She gathers up a group of brave bloggers, who each submit a subject to her. Then, she puts them all in a top hat, adds a dash of nutmeg, mixes them up and redistributes them. At least, that's what I picture her doing. Okay, she probably doesn't do that.

This time around, my subject comes from The Insomniac's Dream, which is funny, because I wrote about her for last month's Secret Subject Swap. Her subject for me is:

"Is it better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all?"

Well, of course it is! I don't even know how to begin explaining that. We all eat, and then, a while later, we're hungry again. Do we think, "Gee, I might as well have not eaten that delicious food"? When you listen to a song, you know it's going to end in two to five minutes (or seven to nine, if you're into Rush or The Doors), but you still listen, right? Well, there you go. I guess I did know how to explain it.

Here are some loves that I have lost:

  • There used to be these meals in a cup called Prestissimo in the early 90's. I can't remember whether they were the microwave type, or the type that you add hot water to, but they came with a tiny plastic fork and they were delicious. And remember Chicken Tonight? So good! Did you know they still have it in England? If you're going to England, and then Massachusetts, please let me know. I have some errands for you to run.
  • I had these yellow plaid bondage pants by Lip Service when I was 18. When they got a hole in the knee, I patched it with black and white gingham fabric. They were beautiful. I don't know what ever happened to them, but they were a size zero, so they wouldn't fit now, anyway. I went on Lip Service's website, and they don't make them anymore. Shocking that they wouldn't make the same pants 15 years later...
  • The TV shows "Wonderfalls," "Better Off Ted," "Eli Stone" and "Pushing Daisies" were all amazing and they all got cancelled. Because the American TV-viewing public is stupid, stupid, stupid. At least "Arrested Development" is coming back for a little bit.
  • I've mentioned before how I miss being in a band. It feels so great, being on stage. But I don't think I could hack it now that I have a kid and I'm all old and shit. I'm already exhausted most of the time as it is. But wouldn't it be cool to have a mom band, like in that movie, "Young Adult"? We could cover Luscious Jackson and Elastica and Veruca Salt...
  • And, not to be a bummer, but I'm definitely glad I got to know Nana, Grampa, Oma, Bagels, Terry, Mya, Chance, Smokey, Junior, Bob, Azriel, One-Eyed Jack, Fonzie, Potsie, Ralph Malph, Ignatz, Akira, and many more.

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