Google Something Clever 2.0: Maybe I Shouldn't Let My Son Dress Himself

Apr 16, 2013

Maybe I Shouldn't Let My Son Dress Himself

My four-year-old dresses himself. He picks everything out by himself, too, and I very rarely give him notes. The only time I intervene is when he tries to mix black and brown (gross) or wants to wear a white shirt to a birthday party (we've ruined a couple that way).

Last Thursday was karate day. I laid out his socks, underwear, a dark t-shirt, and the pants half of his gi (he can't tie the top or the belt himself). He asked for help with the drawstring of the pants, and I discovered that he was wearing two pairs of underwear. Apparently, he'd forgotten to take off the old ones before putting the new ones on. We didn't have a minute to spare, and parking at karate can sometimes be a bitch, so I said what the hell and went with it. Oh, calm down. I wipe his butt; I know it's clean.

That evening, we went out to dinner with his father at Friendly's to celebrate his first belt stripe. He asked his father to take him to the potty, and I told him to be on the lookout for a funny surprise.

Later that night, we were watching TV, and one character was telling another that they had to dress a five-year-old for school. "That's ridiculous," I said to my husband. "The boy's been dressing himself since he was two or three."

"Yeah, but he did put on two pairs of underwear today," he reminded me.

"True," I replied.

"And one of them was backwards."

"Really? Which one?"

"The inside ones."

I hadn't noticed that. "Those were from yesterday," I told him. "He had on two because he forgot to take off the old ones before putting on the new ones... That means he's been wearing them backwards for two days now. And then he added another pair."

Maybe he's not as competent at dressing himself as I thought.