Google Something Clever 2.0: What I Really Want For Mothers' Day

May 8, 2013

What I Really Want For Mothers' Day

Mothers’ Day is here again, and that means it’s time for commercials to start trying to convince fathers and children everywhere that what mom really wants is a new vacuum, or an ugly charm bracelet.

No. Not this mom. And I’d hazard to guess that a lot of other moms agree. Here’s what I really want:

A hobby
In July 2011, my family vacationed in Mystic, Connecticut. Mystic boasts an amazing historic seaport. In the gift shop, I purchased myself a ship-in-a-bottle kit. I’d always wanted to try it. That box is still sitting on my shelf, almost two years later. I had an hour to myself last fall, and actually opened it, only to find out that I needed eight more items in order to actually build the ship. So back to the shelf it went.

There is a hobby store just down the street, but it never occurs to me to spend precious time and money there purchasing balsa wood and awls. And when would I ever find time to actually use them?

I now have a jewelry-stamping kit on my Amazon Wish List. I would appreciate being presented with the kit, and then being left alone for a few hours to use it.

Time off
Many mothers of young children, particularly those who stay at home all day, wish they could spend Mothers’ Day alone. Have a bubble bath, get day drunk, maybe take a solo trip to Target. But that feels a little off. It’s a day to celebrate motherhood; not to get a reprieve from it. But I still need (and deserve) a break.

So I’d like 24 coupons good for one hour off from mothering. I could use one on a Sunday morning to sleep in, or two to get out of cooking dinner on a weeknight. That way, I’d still get my “day off,” but without the guilt.

Credit where credit is due
My son is four.  They say that kids begin to have the capacity to feel empathy at age three. Still, I wonder if he realizes all that I do for him. Instead of some cookie-cutter card featuring a sappy poem and a soft-focus picture of a rose, I’d like to hear, in his own words, what he appreciates about me. It doesn’t even have to be in a card. A sheet of paper is fine.

And from my husband…
A vasectomy. No explanation needed, right, ladies?

What do you want for Mothers’ Day?