Google Something Clever 2.0: The Zombie Date

Jun 24, 2013

The Zombie Date

If you read my weekly wrap-up, you already know that last week was pretty bananas. But I didn't tell you about Friday night yet. (Although you already know a bit about it if you're a Facebook fan).

On Friday, I went on a group zombie date. Three of my friends (J, C and B) came to my house, and I did zombie makeup for them, my husband and myself. My son and in-laws watched with great interest as I ran around the house, essentially doing an assembly line of home made prosthetics.

The boy thought B needed more blood
We met up with T at Outback for dinner. He declined makeup, and told the staff there that he was "the food." We freaked out more than a few little kids. Oops. Then, we went to the premium theater (read: booze and comfortable seats) to see "World War Z."

Chicken and Swiss sandwich, now with 40% more flesh

Outside the theater, as we were assembling, someone loudly commented to their friend, "I wonder what movie they're going to see." My husband called out, "'The Bling Ring'!" He's awesome. In the lobby, we posed for pictures with strangers.

J got a massive head wound, but her brain's still intact

We met up with one more couple. I took M into the bathroom and did a quick makeup on her. P passed. My husband went to the bar to order a margarita for me while I was doing M's makeup, and bartender offered to upgrade it to a "blood and guts" margarita. That turned out to be a normal margarita with strawberries muddled in it, and of course it was delicious. Not as much protein as a brain, but what are you gonna do?

Unfortunately for M, I left the liquid latex at home

During the movie, I stepped outside, and I could hear a couple chatting nearby. The man started backing up towards me, but he didn't realize I was there. His girlfriend was around the corner, so she couldn't see me, either. He was maybe four feet away when I couldn't hold myself back any longer. I lunged at him and roared. He jumped ten feet, but he loved it. He made me scare his girlfriend. It turns out they were also going to see "World War Z." We chatted for a few minutes and took pictures. They had me scare a few more of their friends as they arrived. I felt like a celebrity.

C wouldn't let me make the cut go right through his eye. Lame.

Once the movie got out, we took one more picture of the six zombies eating the two humans. I might have to frame this one.

Next time, we're going to a fancy restaurant dressed like pirates. Do you think they'll let us in? Stay tuned...