Google Something Clever 2.0: You Know What Would Be Awesome?

Jun 6, 2013

You Know What Would Be Awesome?

The world is imperfect. But together, I think we can fix it. This Theme Thursday, I'm calling on all of you to tell me what's missing from the world. Things that somebody should hurry up and invent, already. Here's my list...

Expandable cars

They’d work like Legos. If you’re going to work, just take the front seat. Driving with the family? Add a backseat or two. It would also come with standard and extra-large trunks, for groceries or IKEA.

The Coldrowave

Makes things instantly cold (or frozen).

Sound-proof forcefields

I’m sure lot of people would like these for their kids’ rooms. I’d encase my house in one, so I didn’t have to hear motorcycles, car alarms, swearing teens, screaming kids, or bouncing basketballs. I’m making it sound like I live in the ghetto, aren’t I? I don’t. Children and vehicles are loud in the suburbs, too.

Sunblock pills

I heard they have those in France. I don’t know if that’s true.

Permanent hair color

A pill, or maybe an injection, that alters your DNA so that your hair grows in whatever color you’d like. If they could somehow make a separate one for eyelashes and eyebrows, that would be nice, too.

Smart ray

For shooting stupid people, obviously. It would give them an instant I.Q. boost. Let’s say 10 points. And yes, it would hurt. A lot.

Universal block

You know how you can block someone on Facebook, but you can still run into them in the real world? Or you can stop following them on Twitter, but if your friend retweets them, you see it? This would take care of that. It would make the offending individual completely invisible. Maybe what I’m really looking for here is a hit man. I don’t know.

Mechanical uterus

You know why. And you want one, too.