Google Something Clever 2.0: Here's What You Missed This Week 7/21/13 - 7/27/13

Jul 27, 2013

Here's What You Missed This Week 7/21/13 - 7/27/13

Hello? Is anyone out there? Are you all at BlogHer?

A month ago, I had zero interest in going to BlogHer. Fly out to some weird city by myself, attend boring seminars, spend exorbitant amounts of money? No, thank you. Then, I realized that a lot of my "friends" and "coworkers" would be there. Partying. Without me. Now, I'm kind of bummed.

I'm totally going next year.

So what did I do instead? I threw a Twitter party with my friend Sarah from The Sadder But Wiser Girl for people who weren't at BlogHer- #HomeCon13. And it was freakin' awesome! Not only did we trend, we were the number one trend on Twitter! In fact, I'm writing this two and a half hours after the party ended (because I suck and I almost forgot to write this), and it's still number one! Look!

Thank you to everyone who partied with us. I made a lot of new friends, and I stopped being a sad sack for a couple of hours. I hope you did, too.

Oh, one more thing. If you regularly read my weekly wrap-ups, you may have noticed a trend lately where I have celebrity encounters on Twitter. Dude, it just keeps getting better. How much do I love Twitter? Well, this week, this happened:

That's right. Roseanne favorited my tweet. Actually, two of them. I've set a new bar(r) (sorry, had to) for celebrity tweeting. By the way, before you follow her, you should know that she's batshit crazy. 50% of her tweets are about Monsanto, and the other 50% are about "repiglicans." Yeah.

Now, on to the wrap up!

What I Wrote

I was super lazy this week. Lay off; I threw two parties last weekend! 

I announced the winner of my wine slushie giveaway. As a consolation prize for those who didn't win, I shared the Easiest Sangria Recipe Ever (having some right now, thank you very much). Drinks Are On Me

I didn't even write a Theme Thursday post. I just wasn't feeling it. You know how it is (I hope). Anyway, some other people did, and you should go read theirs. If I Had Infinite Wishes

I was back In the Powder Room, warning you about the weird people that seem to show up every summer, whether you go away or not. Who's Going to Ruin Your Vacation?

What I Read

Kim of Let Me Start By Saying was over on Today's Mama explaining New England weather to the rest of the country... I didn't even know that the "feels like" forecast wasn't universal!

Kerry of HouseTalkn was In the Powder Room bragging about the best revenge any mom could ever hope to get on a sassy tween. I'm almost looking forward to when the boy is old enough to roll his eyes at me, just so I can pull this trick on him.

Joy of ComfyTown Chronicles is too classy for a flask... But that doesn't stop her from covertly day-drinking at the post office. Learn the secret to keeping your wine cooler under wraps.

Jane of Nothing By the Book has just straight-up won parenting. She received the toddler equivalent of an Oscar, and I'm so very happy for her.

Tweets I Enjoyed

Alright, I have to go to bed. Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to hydrate with plenty of sangria.