Google Something Clever 2.0: Here's What You Missed This Week 7/7/13 - 7/13/13

Jul 13, 2013

Here's What You Missed This Week 7/7/13 - 7/13/13

Oh, man, I am exhausted. Thursday was my birthday, and we went to see The Specials at the House of Blues. I got on the friggin' tour bus! But that's its own post, so you'll have to wait a couple more days to hear the details about that...

On Friday, we went to the Brimfield Antiques Show, which is this thing where 400 antiques dealers take over an entire town, and you walk around for five hours in the hot sun while your kid whines that he wants to go home, and then you wind up buying a goat made out of scrap metal.

So yeah, I'm tired. Let's get on with it.

What I Wrote

Remember last week, when I told you that my Fourth of July party was going to suck? Well, it actually went pretty well, even though the fireworks and patio furniture arrived two days too late. Party Aftermath and Some Fireworks

Hey, you know how men are stupid and lazy and can't take care of themselves or their kids? No? Me neither. My Husband Doesn't Suck

Did you know that I know stuff about science? And parenthood? In fact, I know so much stuff, I was invited to share my knowledge on Science of Parenthood. Go get your learn on. 5 Ways to Con(trol) Your Kids With Science

Theme Thursday was about superheroes this week. My husband and I can't agree on just what makes a hero super. In fact, I can't even agree with myself. Come help me figure it out.  How Do You Define a Superhero?

What I Shared

I had a celebrity encounter on Twitter and bragged about it on Facebook.

My son was pukey and feverish on Monday, and he wouldn't drink water, so I came up with this:

It worked! I'm pretty proud of myself.
My husband talked me into sharing a dirty little secret on Facebook, and it turns out I'm not alone.

And I did my nails. Because hooray nails.

My special Specials nails

What I Read

Robyn from Hollow Tree Ventures shared a recipe. Only, not really. Really, it's just a hilarious and spot-on post about cooking with kids, and you will love it.

Karen from Baking in a Tornado tells you everything you're doing wrong on Twitter, and I could not agree more.

Starr from The Insomniac's Dream is on a road trip, and she wants to meet you! Do you live somewhere in between Pennsylvania and Arizona? Hit her up!

Kim from One Classy Motha humilated her dog for our amusement.

Another Kim, from It Is Interesting to Note, worked herself up into a tizzy over an expired license plate.

Tweets I Enjoyed

Ahhhh, I finished it! Good freakin' night! I have a party to attend tomorrow, and I need my rest.