Google Something Clever 2.0: Party Aftermath and Some Fireworks

Jul 9, 2013

Party Aftermath and Some Fireworks

Last Wednesday, I told you all about how my Fourth of July cookout was doomed. In case you were curious, it turned out better than expected. Sure, a lot of my predictions came true, but I did remember to serve the popsicles! I did not remember to serve the burger toppings or any of the side dishes, though. Silver lining: I haven't cooked dinner since Thursday! Hooray for leftovers!

My new outdoor decor arrived the day after the party. Annoying.

The people who offered to bring food really came through- behold, the two most beautiful desserts I have ever seen!

Oh yes, she did.

This one was made by a celebrity- Lori from The Next Step!

Now, the reason that I host for the Fourth is that I live on a lake, and my neighbors all love to set off fireworks. All. The. Time. There's this one house that does them almost every Saturday, all summer long! So I knew the Fourth would be crazy. Last year, they didn't disappoint. There were four different houses all around the lake taking turns.

This year sucked. One boat did a 20-minute display, and that was it! Are you kidding me? And then, guess what happened on Saturday. Yup. Three houses going crazy for at least an hour. And they started early enough that the boy was still awake, and asked what that noise was, so I took him down to the beach to watch. He got his first mosquito bite... And his tenth, and all the ones in between. Once I'd finally had it with the bug bites, I put him to bed and continued to watch the shows from the comfort of my house.

So, this is new, right? A mom who doesn't hate fireworks? A mom whose neighbors set fireworks off every weekend, and I'm not complaining? That's because my son sleeps through them. For real. Unfortunately, I can't teach you to train your kid to do the same, but I can tell you how to train future kids.

When I was pregnant, I worked at a desk job. I listened to music on headphones when I wasn't on the phone. So once the boy developed hearing, I got a splitter and a second pair of headphones for my stomach, and I played music for him 8 hours a day. I'm assuming he slept through a good deal of it.

I'd also hold the hair dryer near my stomach for a few seconds every morning to get him used to the sound of it, so it wouldn't scare him when he was born.

When he came home to our tiny condo, we would play Rock Band while he was sleeping. And he never woke up. I've just recently discovered that if we want him to take a nap in the car (at age four), turning the radio up really loud will knock him out in minutes.

So there you go. He will probably pass out at his first concert, but for now, it works out great for me.