Google Something Clever 2.0: Here's What You Missed This Week 8/4/13 - 8/10/13

Aug 10, 2013

Here's What You Missed This Week 8/4/13 - 8/10/13

Welcome back to the weekly wrap up with 500% more farm animals than any other weekly wrap up you most likely read! I feel pretty confident saying that. I have my jacob sheep right there in the graphic, and today, there are four additional fuzzy friends! Take that,!

I tried to start a trend on Twitter this week called #cowselfies. It's this thing where you take a selfie with a cow (I chose all babies, but mature bovines are welcome, too).

 So far, I've had no takers, although one follower did respond with a llama selfie. I am not kidding.

Quick question- when you click over to In the Powder Room every week to read my articles (and I know you click over every week), do you stick around and read everyone else? You really should. All my girls are awesomesauce. And guess what. They wrote a book! Unfortunately, I wasn't around back when they actually wrote it, so no Jenn for you. But hey, if it sells well, there just might be a sequel!

What I Wrote

I hopped on Nicole Leigh Shaw's Character Assassination Carousel and humiliated a couple of hippos. That was fun. George and Martha Need Counselling

As part of my effort to change Shark Week to Tom Hanks Week, I wrote about "Big" In the Powder Room. Don't leave me hanging, Tom Hanks! And then this happened:

I'm dying over here. You all know I love tweeting with celebrities, but this one actually read my article? Are you freakin' kidding me? Side note, now that Ms. Perkins has read me, and Roseanne's favorited one of my tweets, does that make me, like, Twitter sisters with Sarah Chalke? Anyway, back to what I wrote...

My friend Steph from When Crazy Meets Exhaustion went on vacation, and I blog-sat for a day. This is the one with fake post cards where I lie to myself about being at a resort. It's been hailed as "too funny" by her readers, so try not to pee on your couch. Luxury for Less

Theme Thursday was about geek culture this week. It turns out we're all geeks, and we're okay with that. I included an annoying picture in my post. See if it makes you clench your teeth. I Might Be a Geek.

What I Read

This was the week of blogs that start with the word "Don't" getting bad advice. What a weird coincidence. First Don't Chew on the Dinner Table got unsolicited pregnancy advice, then Don't Call Me Marge got bad dating advice. I feel for both of them, but I'm still going to laugh.

Elizabeth of Motherhood: A Descent Into Madness coined a hilarious new term for a princess' hoo-ha, which I refuse to spoil for you. You must go read the post yourself. Also, she's recovering from surgery right now, so she needs some digital snuggles.

Jason Good is one of my all-time favorite wordsmiths. This is a great example of why- he tells a story about his children acting up in the backseat of the car. A perfectly mundane topic, but the way he tells it, you're so very entertained.

Starr of The Insomniac's Dream also participated in Theme Thursday, of course. And she opened my eyes to the fact that there are many, many subspecies of geek.

Kim from One Classy Motha wrote some new lyrics to a children's nursery rhyme. They are wine related. They are awesome. Please don't drink wine while reading this; I can't be held responsible for liquid damage to your laptop.

Norine from Science of Parenthood poked fun at those ridiculously specific and over-the-top school supply lists. I haven't seen one in person yet (that starts next year), but I've heard a lot about them. This had me LLOLing (literally laughing out loud, obvs) about fifteen times.

Tweets I Enjoyed

So... I always put these in chronological order, and it just so happened this week that it worked out to look like Nicole became obese in two days time, and then Banana Stickers made fun of her. Pure coincidence, I swear. Apparently, I just love food-related tweets. Sorry, Nicole! Triscuits are totally healthy; don't worry!