Google Something Clever 2.0: Here's What You Missed This Week 10/6/13 - 10/12/13

Oct 12, 2013

Here's What You Missed This Week 10/6/13 - 10/12/13

What a fun week! I normally never do anything without my kid attached to me, but on Sunday, I went down to Mystic, CT with my best friend to see our favorite author, Christopher Moore, and pay a visit to my beloved Krispy Kreme. When we got back, I dropped her off at home and then drove straight to dinner with some local bloggers who I've been dying to meet. And I'm going out again tonight with my husband!

But the night out I'm really looking forward to is next Wednesday. And you're invited! You may have already heard that the ultra-awesome and famous JD of Honest Mom and Brenna of Suburban Snapshots are cohosting the Boston leg of a national ladies' night out. Well, lucky, lucky, you; I'm coming, too! Because it's open to everyone. Not because I'm famous. Because I'm not. Yet.

Annnnnyway, it's this coming Wednesday, the 16th in Newton, MA, and I think you should come so that you can touch my hair like I'm some sort of exotic creature. Be sure to check out the event page on Facebook.

What I Wrote

Hey, Internet, can you please stop talking about the same ten subjects over and over again? I'm ranting In the Powder Room, and people are loving it. Pumpkin is the new black

My girls Stephanie and Mackenzie have started a blog all about the moment that families become families. Birth, surrogacy, adoption... They're all up in your baby business! I shared my birth story with them, in two parts. The Birth Story, Part One and The Birth Story, Part Two feature an elective c-section and made-up swear words. That's fun for the whole family!

I finished up my New York vacation story this week with the tale of how disgusting Times Square is (New York, Part Five), and a multi-state tour of blacksmiths (New York, Part Six). Yeah, that's right, we're super into blacksmiths. Is that a problem?

What I Read

Evil Joy got a landline, and her kids' reactions are so fucking priceless, you simply must read them. They're like cartoon characters, I tell you.

Over on Their World We Live In, there is a drug problem. But it's a funny one... You'll see.

Did you ever have that moment where you felt like the worst parent in the world? Anna from My Life and Kids wrote hers down. And honestly, I could totally see this happening to me. In fact, it probably already happened, and I slept through it, because I'm awful.

I know I sound like a Buzzfeed writer here, but you guys, I can't evenBrittany, Herself makes a hernia the most hilarious thing in the world. Just go read, people.

Are you looking for a blog post that has it all? Like, for example, sense memory, baby dolls, wistfulness, and worm juice? Okay, you probably weren't. I get that. But I bet you're curious now! Dyanne from Backsies is What There is Not has all that, and a bag of chips.

Tweets I Enjoyed

Looking for something fun to do next weekend? My sponsor Escape Aerial Arts is hosting a pole dancing workshop with Karol Helms, who is (obviously) a huge deal in the pole dancing world. If you're anywhere near Worcester, MA, you've got to come out on Sunday, October 20 and give it a shot. I can personally attest to the fact that pole dancing is easier, and more fun, than you think. Hurry up and RSVP; spots are going fast!

Now I'm off to fabricate a custom latex mask for myself for Halloween, because of course I am. Jenn out!

And remember, if you'd like me to tell everyone how rad your blog or small business is, I will totally do that for a fee.