Google Something Clever 2.0: Here's What You Missed This Week 11/17/13 - 11/23/13

Nov 23, 2013

Here's What You Missed This Week 11/17/13 - 11/23/13

It's getting winterish around here. Oh, shut up, red squiggle; I don't care if you say that's not a word. It's New England, and some days are fallish, and some days are winterish. Deal with it.

I moved the grilling utensils, bubbles, and flip flops out of the mud room to make room for the boots, hats, and scarves. It was tragic. I'll miss my flip flops most of all.

What I Wrote

Have you heard about cat cafés? Oh, yeah, that's a thing now. Cafés where you can hang out with cats while you drink your overpriced coffee. I love it. And I want so much more. Brilliant business plan: just add cats!

The Rose family welcomed a new addition. She's 63 years old, she weighs 109 pounds, and she is beautiful. But what should we do with her? Craigslist Antiquing, and Other First World Problems

What I Read

Remember Sassy magazine, and how it was the best thing that ever happened to you? And then it died, and you were miserable? And then Jane Pratt came out with Jane magazine, and all was right with the world? And then Jane was over, and there's been this deep, dark hole in your soul ever since? Um, you know about xojane, right? It's Jane magazine, but online, and it's free. Whoopee! Annnnnyways, I recently fell in love with Tynan from xojane. He reviews beauty products in such a way that every time I read him, I feel like he's breathlessly pushed himself through my front door with crazy eyes, dropped five shopping bags on the floor, and gasped, "Oh my god, Jenn, you have got to hear about this."

If you aren't sure, that's a compliment. This man's passion for beauty products beats my passion for anything. Normally, he reviews fancy-pants stuff I would never consider buying, but I read him anyway, because he's just that compelling. This week, he wrote about Sally Hansen nail polish, and I was so excited! I actually ran out to Target (cough, and Stop & Shop) in search of the new line, but left empty-handed. I guess NYC gets everything before us. Boo.

On a kind-of related note... I occasionally paint my son's nails. Whenever he asks for it. I've fielded my share of offensive comments from old men, but it's NBD. Here's the thing: I always had this sort of subconscious rule that I wouldn't paint his nails "girly" colors... Not that I really own any girly colors, except for red, which I only use for nail art; never as a full-on color. (The reason this is related, if you didn't click over to Tynan's Sally Hansen review, it that he always had a no-glitter policy, which he recently gave up.) Danielle from Martinis and Minivans took her son to the store the other day, and he wanted the pink car cart. Not the black one, the pink one. What did she do about it? Click over to find out.

Tweets I Enjoyed

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to rake the lawn, hunt down the best prices for Christmas presents, and finally throw away my Halloween pumpkins. Don't judge, bitch. I left them out for the squirrels.