Google Something Clever 2.0: Here's What You Missed This Week 11/24/13 - 11/30/13

Nov 30, 2013

Here's What You Missed This Week 11/24/13 - 11/30/13

This week's wrap-up is going to be short, because turkey and excuses and also I'm lazy.

I'll give you a quick Thanksgiving anecdote for the "original content" portion. At dinner (at a very fancy restaurant), my son announced that he had invented a drinking game. It's important that you understand that he doesn't know that's a thing, and we don't regularly play drinking games around him. I am not awful. I just have a funny kid. Anyway, the rules of the drinking game were: "Drink your drink." I told him I would win. When I finished my glass of wine, he informed me that I'd unlocked an achievement: the bread level. I won that, too. There is no moral to this story, other than the fact that my kid probably plays too many video games, I like wine and bread, and we are not classy people.

What I Wrote

As I mentioned, we dined at a restaurant on Thanksgiving. This is the third year we've done it. Then, we go to the movies. It's just me, my husband, and my son, and it's awesome. I highly recommend you try it sometime. I talked all about it In the Powder Room this week. I Quit Thanksgiving

I also shared a quick tip about the pros and cons of letting your kid wear a costume out in public (not on Halloween). I don't much care if people stare at us, since they're already staring at my hair (and sometimes his). But there is another unforeseen consequence. PSA: When Your Kid Wears a Costume to the Supermarket

What I Read

Frugalista Blog shared a dessert recipe that I would very much like to try. If you like peanut butter, and you're lazy, you owe it to yourself to read this.

The Shitastrophy showed us the worst toys of  2013. My personal favorite is a piece of cloth and a rope that cost almost fifty bucks. Man, people are stupid.

Mommy Rotten sat in on her son's kindergarten class recently, and she clues us in on all the hot trends among the five-year-old set. It's all about rainbows, you guys. But the best part of this post is at the very end... I don't want to spoil it, but I bet you'll LLOL (that's Literally Laugh Out Loud).

Tweets I Enjoyed

That was fun! Now, I'm off to do laundry, because I haven't done jack around the house in days. Because turkey.