Google Something Clever 2.0: PSA: When Your Kid Wears a Costume to the Supermarket

Nov 27, 2013

PSA: When Your Kid Wears a Costume to the Supermarket

If you follow me on Facebook (and you really should), you'll know that my son wore an Iron Man costume to the supermarket yesterday.

Repulsor blast added for effect.
The boy is big on dressing up. He probably has more dress-up clothes than real clothes at this point. He dresses up a few times a week throughout the year, and he'll often wear a mask or a cape when we run errands. He usually gets a few smiles and a comment or two.

This year, we went shopping on November first to stock up on clearance zombies. I was feeling generous due to the holiday spirit, so I picked up three clearance costumes for the boy. I should note that he was wearing his Boba Fett costume during this shopping spree, but I guess nobody thought it was that weird, because he was just one day late.

It didn't occur to me that this was the first time I'd taken him out in a full costume when it was nowhere near Halloween. And the comments did not stop. It started with the damn Salvation Army bell-ringer outside the store, which was annoying, because I couldn't pretend that didn't see him, like I usually do. (An aside, I'm not stingy; I just don't agree with the Salvation Army's policies or beliefs.)

Every single aisle we went down, somebody had to stop us and talk to Iron Man. It was cute, but if I was in a hurry (which I often am, because I'm a terrible planner), it would have been annoying as hell. So the lesson here, dear reader, is that if you're in a rush, or trying to avoid representatives of questionable charities, do not let your child wear a costume to the store. Otherwise, Avengers, assemble.