Google Something Clever 2.0: Here's What You Missed This Week 12/1/13 - 12/7/13

Dec 7, 2013

Here's What You Missed This Week 12/1/13 - 12/7/13

Well, we're really in the thick of it now, aren't we? The lights are up, the specials are on, and there are a million gifts to buy and wrap. Ugh. The holidays. Expect a post (or five) coming very soon, where I complain about the hap-happiest season of all.

So, I'm pretty much done with my shopping. I did a good job this year. Started early. We'll see what I have to say in a couple of weeks, though. For all of you who need help finding the perfect gift for aunt so-and-so, I started a thread on my Facebook page where we can crowdsource our shopping. If you need advice, or have some to give, stop by, won't you?

What I Wrote

"Seat Pets, Seat Pets, buckle up and snuggle up!" Oh, come on, now. Please introduce me to the child who is old enough for a three-point harness (and a damn iPhone), yet still complains that the seat belt is uncomfortable. Or, for that matter, the parent willing to indulge that bullshit. Do you roll your eyes at every stuffed animal hybrid commercial? Then you need to pop on over to In the Powder Room for a moment. G'head; I'll wait. The stuffed animals of the future-- today!

Have you ever noticed that Twinkies look a lot like featureless Despicable Me minions? No? Then clearly you are not a marketing person at Hostess. Because they did. And they asked me to do some food crafting. Now, I'm asking you to do some. Wait! It's for a good cause! What cause, you say? How about 90 minutes of peace? You could win a Blu-ray of Despicable Me 2. Check it out: Food Crafting for the Lazy

What I Read

Speaking of peace... My girl Robyn from Hollow Tree Ventures has a total parenting win that she's willing to share with you. This one may be a little more work than the Twinkie thing, but you don't have to spend a penny. This is seriously the best parenting advice I've gotten all year.

Have you been wondering why you gained four pounds last month, even though you had super-sensible meals every day? It may have something to do with your late-night mommy wind down routine. Martinis and Minivans applies mouse logic to mothers.

Let me introduce this next one with a meme:

Does anyone know who created this? Please let me know!

Have you seen this yet? Are you in love? Me, too. Karyn from PicklesINK takes it a step further and clowns on some toy catalogs in a way that I very much enjoyed. You will, too.

Do you remember back in April, when I got my last tattoo, and I told you all about the wacky town of Easthampton, MA, and the strange street sign cozies I saw there? No? Girl, you need to take some supplements or something. Since then, I've learned that yarn-bombing is totally a thing. It's where hipsters use knitting as a form of graffiti. Stay with me, here. Erin and Ellen from Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms have a whole collection of yarn insanity going on this week. It starts with yarn bombing, and then it only gets weirder.

Tweets I Enjoyed

Now, I'm off to wrap oddly-shaped toys in half-open packaging. Seriously, who designs these boxes??