Google Something Clever 2.0: Jane Pratt is My Spirit Animal

Mar 8, 2014

Jane Pratt is My Spirit Animal

You regulars know that I love my magazines. Always have. And anyone who was born between the mid-seventies and the mid-eighties knows that Sassy was the greatest thing that ever happened to glossy paper. Yes, ever greater than my beloved Readers Digest or Entertainment Weekly.

In case you've been living under a rock... Sassy was a teen magazine for the rest of us. Instead of profiling Kirk Cameron, they profiled Kurt Cobain. It was less lip gloss and more birth control. It was for smart, sassy girls like you and me. And its founding editor, Jane Pratt, was only 24 years old when the magazine premiered in 1988.

Impressive, no? I wanted to be just like her one day.

Jane was the heart and soul of Sassy. When she left in 1994, Sassy instantly turned into another Seventeen. Yuck. It was two more years before it finally folded. And then! A year after that, when I was 18, and had graduated to hate-reading Cosmopolitan and Glamour, a new hope arrived on the supermarket checkout racks! Jane had a new, self-titled magazine for grown-up ladies! Squee!

Jane was a grown-up Sassy, and it was perfect. For eight years, it was perfect. Then, in 2005, Jane Pratt left. Again, they trudged along for two sucky years sans Jane. That's Jane Pratt, not Jane magazine. Jane was no longer with Jane. Stay with me, here.

Then, the internet happened. Okay, it was happening for a while by that point, but in 2011, Jane Pratt launched her online magazine, Order had been restored to the galaxy!

And interestingly enough, I'm sort of an internet writer-type person now. Hmm. So it came to pass that in 2014, I finally got up the nerve, after 26 years (holy shit), to pitch an article to Jane Pratt. Well, okay, I pitched it to the generic xoJane email address, and my reply came from Olivia, not Jane.

And that reply was "yes."

You guys. I have been published by Jane frickin' Pratt. I can die now.

It's some pretty heavy stuff about sexual abuse and serial killers. I'm sorry that my intro didn't really prepare you for that. But I'd love it if you all went over there and read it, since you people are what gave me the courage to submit it. Thanks for reading me these last couple of years, everyone. It is a direct result of your readership that I have finally realized a dream I've had since I was nine. That's pretty huge. Again, thank you.