Google Something Clever 2.0: A Definitive Ranking of ALL THE EASTER CANDY

Apr 16, 2014

A Definitive Ranking of ALL THE EASTER CANDY

Reason No. 862 why I love my job: I recently toured the Target Easter department, taking pictures of all the delicious candy, for "research."

You guys. They make a Twix Egg that's as big as my hand. I need it.

Reason No. 862 why my son doesn't love my job: we went home empty-handed. Oh, come on, now, I'm not a monster. He's still getting candy on Sunday. I'll even do the whole egg hunt thing in the yard, despite the fact that we're atheists, and we don't pretend that a giant, anthropomorphic rabbit visited overnight. He'll get his candy.

Back to that research. It was for a good cause. I worked very hard, and I'm very pleased to present to you, A Definitive Ranking of ALL THE EASTER CANDY on NickMom. You'll probably need to brush your teeth after you read it. Sorry.

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