Google Something Clever 2.0: Harmonographs, Used Records, and Where Are My Pants?

Apr 23, 2014

Harmonographs, Used Records, and Where Are My Pants?

I realized I haven't really written too much bloggy stuff lately. I know you all looooove my NickMom stuff (right?) but it's been a bit since I wrote other things, so here are some other things.

A couple of weeks ago, my family went to the Science Discovery Museum in Acton, MA. Hey, free plug! If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend it. There are actually two small children's museums on one campus. The Science Discovery Museum is for bigger kids (and by "bigger," I mean four or five and up), and there's also a Children's Discovery Museum that's great for toddlers. We actually had the boy's second birthday party there. They're both rad, and you should totally click that link after you read all of my ramblings.

Anyway, they have a giant harmonograph there. What the hell is that, you ask? It's basically a table suspended from the ceiling by cables. It has weights on it. You load a marker into a holder, put a piece of paper on the table, swing the table around, and the marker draws a cool Spirograph-type thing. Here's the design I made:

This is the type of thing that annoying people call "trippy"

Here's the best part: they have instructions to make your own at home! Neat! So when my husband got out of work early last Friday thanks to a power outage and tried to relax on the couch, I was all, "Nope!" and insisted that we head out to Home Depot for some family fun supplies. He's a such good sport. Here are the designs we made with our homemade harmonograph:

Um, not so much

Yeah, clearly we need a little tweaking. Once we've figured it out, I'll post instructions. Thank you, Discovery Museum, for getting us most of the way there, but whoever wrote those instructions greatly overestimated our knowledge of... Um... I think it's physics?

Saturday was Record Store Day! We actually got up early and lined up for the new releases like nerds. The boy dressed like a pirate and ran up and down the line, brandishing his sword. The other nerds were entertained. We bopped around to five different stores and he was really good about it, so we let him pick lunch. He chose Quizno's. I really need to write a letter to their corporate office and tell them how annoying and gross it is that they make their employees weigh all the meat before putting it on the sandwiches. And they put all the meat on the same scale, with no wax paper or anything! Ew.

Can I tell you how weird used record stores are? Okay, here's our two favorites: the one that's in a room in an old factory, where the owner rescues stray cats and they live in the store (including a toothless, one-eared calico named Parker Posey), and the one run by a brusque Eastern European woman who doesn't organize or price the records at all, and keeps little stashes of toys all over the store to keep the kids entertained while their parents shop. We were there a couple of days before the boy's birthday this year, and when she heard that the big day was coming up, she gave him five bucks. Record stores are weird and I love them.

Sunday was Secular Egg and Candy Day in the Rose household, and in preparation for it, I loaded up the plastic eggs and scattered them in the yard on Saturday night. I even checked the weather to make sure that it would be chilly in the morning, so the candy wouldn't melt. What I did not anticipate was that a squirrel would break into one of the eggs and eat four and a half foil-wrapped chocolates. I hope he's okay.

We had my mom and sister over for brunch. I've never even eaten brunch before, so I asked for menu ideas on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, and Jennifer from Outsmarted Mommy emailed me a bunch of recipes! So thoughful. I ended up making her oven French toast and it was amazing. Maybe you should go follow her and see if she'll be kind enough to share the recipe with you.

In addition to the candy, we gave my son The Lego Movie video game that he's been clamoring for since it came out in February. We actually pre-ordered it, and it's been hiding in my husband's underwear drawer for months, but the boy didn't know that. He'd been saving up his allowance. So cute. If you've never played any of the Lego video games, you need to get on that now, because they are so fucking fun. I'm terrible at video games (except for Tetris), and I can totally hang with them. So after we put the boy to bed on Sunday night, I suggested to my husband that we start our own game, and I think his head exploded. Someone who wants to play video games with you and lets you touch their boobs is the dream, I guess. We've been playing every night this week, and I think falls asleep fantasizing of going back in time and high-fiving his thirteen-year-old self.

So that's what I've been up to lately. That and gardening! But this post is too long already, so I'll talk about that next week. How is your spring going? Is all the snow melted yet?

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