Google Something Clever 2.0: Respect For Moms

Jul 21, 2014

Respect For Moms

Have you seen that Derek Jeter video yet? It's been trending on Facebook, but I avoided it like the plague for days because I'm from Boston and therefore know the truth, that #JeterSucks and #YankeesSuck. But then I had to watch it because I was invited to *~star~* okay, participate, in a parody of it for NickMom.

After I "wrote" my "scene," which takes place in my bathroom, it occurred to me that I was agreeing to show the whole world where I pee, so I spent the rest of my day cleaning better than I've ever cleaned anything. I mean, I was detailing the hinges on the toilet seat with Q-Tips. Q-Tips, I tell you. And then my husband and son needed to use the facilities before I could shoot the video. I almost asked them to just pee in the tub. I'm so Hollywood. Am I using that term correctly?

Anyway, please go check it out. I think it's pretty funny, and my husband/cameraman did a lovely job. Especially since nobody paid him. (He also did a lovely job of aiming his pee. High five!)

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