Google Something Clever 2.0: Would You Like a Side of Hate With That Sandwich?

Sep 25, 2014

Would You Like a Side of Hate With That Sandwich?

I am pissed. Wait, I take it back. I'm furious. Today, a hate group came to my community, and what's worse, nobody cares.

Westborough, Massachusetts is my favorite town. I used to live there. I hope to live there again one day. It's the kind of town where strangers passing you on the street will stop to say "Good morning," but it's not so small that they don't have room for a Target, three grocery stores, and more Italian restaurants than you can shake a stick at.

The schools are rated a nine out of ten on They teach Mandarin Chinese in the high school, and they're hoping to offer it in middle school soon. Westborough is an awesome town... Whose town council apparently didn't get the memo two years ago that Chick Fil A is a hate group.

Remember in July of 2012, when Chick Fil A tried to open a store in Boston? Mayor Tom Menino wrote them a letter, basically saying, "Fuck off; you're not welcome here," and it was glorious. Massachusetts is no place for a company that's downright proud of their hatred of the gay community.

Today, Chick Fil A opens its Westborough store. How they got permission to build there, I do not know. I figured they'd do terrible business, and quietly leave, much like when my beloved Krispy Kreme opened its Dedham store, only to be run out of town by my fellow New Englanders who are so irrationally attached to their Dunkin' Donuts coffee, not even the siren song of the "HOT" light could sway them.

Last night, my friend sent me this picture:

Tents, you guys. Tents. Apparently there's some sort of promotion where the first 100 people in line when they open get a year's supply of chicken sandwiches, delicately seasoned with the tears of oppressed gays. Totally worth it.

When I heard that Chick Fil A was coming to town, I posted on my personal Facebook page, asking for friends and family to come protest with me. One person said she'd come. One. I posted again, and got a bunch of people arguing with me that they know plenty of gay people who eat there, so why bother? Also present was the compelling argument "but the sauce, tho!"

So I don't have an army. Two people does not a protest make, particularly in the face of 100 assholes in tents. But the least you people can do, is not fucking eat the hate chicken. In both 2009 and 2010 (the most recent years I can find records for), Chick Fil A donated $2 million per year to anti-gay groups.

Pay attention, now. If you give Chick Fil A your money: this is where it goes:

Exodus International, a now-defunct "conversion therapy" movement. The APA condemns conversion therapy thusly: "The American Psychiatric Association opposes any psychiatric treatment, such as “reparative” or “conversion” therapy, which is based upon the assumption that homosexuality per se is a mental disorder, or based upon a prior assumption that the patient should change his/ her homosexual orientation.”

Focus on the Family, whose mission is "nurturing and defending the God-ordained institution of the family and promoting biblical truths worldwide." They are for: abstinence-only sexual education, creationism, school prayer, and traditional gender roles.They are against: abortion, divorce, gambling, LGBT rights (particularly LGBT adoption and same-sex marriage), and pre-marital sex.

The Family Research Council, who lobbies against LGBT rights, abortion, divorce, and embryonic stem-cell research. In 2010, the Southern Poverty Law Center classified the Family Research Council as a hate group,

... And more, but I'm too angry to write them all up.

Share this. Share it EVERYWHERE. You don't even need to credit me.

Again, if you buy food from Chick Fil A, you are donating to these groups. Period. Fact. End of story. I don't give a shit if you get a sandwich in return. I don't give a shit if you get a bag full of diamonds in return. You are funding a hate group. Would you eat at Wendy's if they were owned by the KKK? Would you eat at McDonald's if they gave money to ISIS? Can you not be bothered to care because you're not gay? What if those groups were lobbying to take back women's right to vote, rather than against gay marriage? Would that make a difference?

Your friends and family in the queer community need support from their straight allies. You don't want to stand with me and hold signs. Okay, I get that. You're a very busy person, or whatever. But can you at least do the bare minimum of voting with your dollars? Don't eat at Chick Fil A. Don't put money directly in the pockets of people who are fighting against human rights. Just don't.


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