Google Something Clever 2.0: Two Funny Mothas

Oct 15, 2014

Two Funny Mothas

I think I've officially "made it," you guys. I'm being interviewed about how funny and interesting and pretty I am.

Okay, maybe just the first one. Maybe not even that.

Do you know Stacey from One Funny Motha? Of course you do. Well, I know her personally. We met, as so many cosmopolitan women do, in the dining car of a train, where we shared laughs over plastic cups of wine. I compared her to Carrie Heffernan from King of Queens. I meant it as very high praise, and she was quite gracious about it.

It wasn't a chance meeting; we "knew" each other via the internet, and we were both travelling to Blog U in Maryland. I hopped on the Amtrak in Boston (seven hours, people), and she joined up in New York. We discovered in real time on Facebook that we were on the same train, and made a wine date.

There is not much room for a wine date on an Amtrak dining car, FYI. Particularly when all the seats are taken, so you're forced to hug the wall, and chat over a recycling bin. I'm lucky I get to sail two days a year, so I'm pretty awesome at standing up on a moving vehicle.

Well, apparently the length of time it takes to chug a Solo cup of Pinot Grigio wasn't enough Jenn for her, so she's back for more. Click over to One Funny Motha to learn all about what makes me tick (hint: it's mostly Pinot Grigio).

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