Google Something Clever 2.0: The Worst Thing About December

Dec 19, 2014

The Worst Thing About December

I hate December. It's not just the weather, or the holidays being shoved in my face, or going into debt because of said holidays. Those are all factors, sure, but what really takes the cake is the lack of TV. Every damn show goes on hiatus, and we're forced to watch the same five Christmas specials over and over, or worse, make conversation. Blech.

Until Netflix! This year, my husband and I have finally decided to buckle down and catch up on Mad Men. We tried a couple times before, but never really got into it. I'm proud to say we're now on season three, and I really feel like we're going to pull through this time. Although, can I just say, this is basically every episode of Mad Men:

Me: "She's pretty."
Husband: "Yeah."
Me: "Don's gonna bang her, isn't he?"
Husband: "Yup."
Me: "God damn it, Don!"

I get it, Don, you're damaged. But didn't they have shrinks in the 1960s? I mean, come on.

But that's not all we're watching. This year, Netflix and the U.K.'s Channel Four have given us a Winter Holiday Spendphase gift in the form of Black Mirror. Have you heard? No, because you live under a rock? Okay, then. Black Mirror is the show that everyone will be talking about at all the holiday parties you'll be attending next week, so you really need to get your act together. It's The Twilight Zone of the future, where each encapsulated episode has a technological spin. It's really good. And it's freakin' devastating.

My husband and I weren't properly warned, so we watched the first three episodes back to back, and then basically felt shitty about life for a few days. Seriously, please do yourself a favor and only watch one episode at a time. This show is bleak, and I'm not talking "dead Christmas tree on the curb, covered in gray slush" bleak. I'm talking "Sophie's Choice" bleak. I mean, not that I've actually seen that movie, because I can't handle stuff like that. But I'm familiar with the basics of the titular choice, and that's what I'm referring to. The concept of the choice. But I digress.

Because Black Mirror is so awesome, and you don't want to be left out of the conversation at the water cooler, I highly recommend that you watch it. But I don't want your brain to break, so you may need some help coming down from it. And help has arrived! I've started a new series on EW Community: a Black Mirror support group! After watching each miserable episode, click over and decompress with me in a fun, lighthearted romp of animated gifs and oddly-placed Flintstones references (that'll make sense when you see it, trust me). The first article is now live, and if you hurry, you might even catch it on EW's main page, because I am just that awesome. I'll crank them out as fast as I can, but I am never, ever going to watch more than one episode at a time again. And neither should you.

Happy watching!

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