Google Something Clever 2.0: February 2015

Feb 5, 2015

I'm so glad a celebrity didn't crash my wedding.

Can we talk about the weird trend of celebrities crashing weddings lately? Every few weeks, a new picture pops up of a happy couple in their gown and tux, posing with some asshat actor in a t-shirt, and I’m kind of over it. All I’m saying is, Hollywood is damned lucky that this wasn’t a thing in 2005, because I would have been a terrible bride to spring this on. Let’s explore what my reaction would have been if these actual celebrity wedding crashers had wandered into the middle of my special, special day uninvited.

Maroon 5- Nobody fell for this hoax video for a second because, obviously no one would be happy about Maroon 5 crashing their wedding. I’ve heard of DJs getting fired for even suggesting a Maroon 5 song.

Bill Murray- This would have started my marriage off on a really bad foot. My husband probably would have fawned all over him, calling him a legend and talking about how much he loved Rushmore, and I’d be all, "Pssht, Rushmore was Wes Anderson’s worst movie. Let’s talk about Ghostbusters 2, and all the ways that it was vastly superior to the original."

Robert Pattinson- Nobody’s allowed to sparkle more than the bride. Inappropriate.